ileostomy bag ulcerative colitis

Day two in hospital

Day two starts Nil by Mouth, not the awesome film with Kathy Burke but with me not eating or drinking. It’s not too much of a hardship as my appetite has bottomed out anyway (no pun intended!) So I’m not eating as they let me know Id be having my colonoscopy today.


So after god awful bowel prep I headed down for the camera. I had sedation which is like going sober to pissed in 30 seconds. The camera showed what was expected – active inflammation in my bowel which is open ulcers, bleeding and general soreness.

I had a sleep after and then had a bath as I felt grubby. I managed to pull out my canula whilst in the bath which was fun and meant I needed another put in. I then had more bloods taken – 9 tubes in total this time!! I think I’m secretly feeding all the vampires in Sheffield!


My sister and brother in law skyped me from Australia which was fab and really raised my spirits. Andy told me how since I started blogging he is only just realising what my disease means. He expressed his guilt of not knowing more but I just think it means the blog is working! I want to raise awareness, I want people to know more and be able to talk honestly about this shitty disease!

The IBD nurse has been to see me and has had a thorough and honest chat about surgery. She brought me loads of literature and some ileostomy bags to look at. My surgical consultation has been brought forward. It was meant to be next Tuesday but the surgeon is coming to see me tomorrow now. I don’t know what this means on a time scale thing. I suppose it’s a wait and see what he thinks. Whether he thinks surgery is right for me. Ill update tomorrow.

I’m feeling rough today and a bit sorry for myself. I’m trying to keep chipper and I’m posting quite a lot on Facebook. I hope it’s not becoming too annoying!!

The view from my hospital ward of Sheffield

I was going through my list of meds with my sister and I think she’s a bit shocked. I’m currently having

4 lots of IV steroids a day
8 tablets of mesalazine
2 mesalazine suppositories
1 prednisolone suppository
2 calcium tablets (to counteract the osteoporosis that can be a side effect of steroids)
1 injection of blood thinner (I’m at a higher risk of blood clots)

I’m also having my blood sugar checked daily to deal with the steroids side effects and have the awful task of a stool chart. Which means every time I have a poo, I have to do it in a pan that I then give to a nurse like a present. They then have the unenviable task of examining, weighing and writing a chart on each poo!! So glamorous!!! At the minute due to me not really eating I’m just passing large amounts of blood which makes the whole task so much more grim!

I’m aware this is probably too much information for some but this is an IBD blog and its important to me to speak honestly.

It’s hard to maintain your dignity when you are pooing in a cardboard box. Or when you are on the receiving end of an enema. Or having a camera put up your arse. And to be honest, I’m finding it difficult to write about. I keep thinking about people reading this and I feel embarrassed and mortified that you’ll know these things. But if I can’t be honest on a blog about Ulcerative Colitis then where can I be?

All I keep thinking is that if this helps one person, then it’s worth the embarrassment.

Some great gifts from my IBD Team!

I’m posting this early today as I’m trying to catch up on rest. I’m feeling exhausted and no better yet. I’ve just had a message from the lovely Corinne (AKA Motherscuffer/Motherhood Journeys – google her awesome blog as I can’t figure out how to do links from my iPhone!!!) She is coming to visit me this evening so that’s going to cheer me up no end!!!

I just want to say thank you once again to Caroline and Kay for looking after my kids and to everyone who has sent me messages, texts, emails, phone calls and Skype – every message makes this whole thing a tiny bit easier. It really lifts my spirits so thank you so so much.

As always, please feel free to comment and share my blog with anyone you think it could help.

Much love

Sam xxx


16 thoughts on “Day two in hospital

  1. You are very brave chuck, though you don’t need to be embarrassed talking about poo. We all do it! When I was in hospital for a kidney infection I had to wee in a cardboard tray and present it to the nurse. I know it’s not quite the same though. Take care of yourself my lovely. Keep blogging! Xxx


  2. Hey Sam,
    Keep your chin up love. You have a lot to deal with and it’s better to talk than bottle it up. I hope you are getting plenty of visitors bearing gifts? That’s the best thing about being sick, well about the only thing really :-0
    You are being really brave (Superwoman, in fact) and I think it’s great that you are sharing your thoughts with us mere mortals. Feel free to ask if there’s anything I can do for you.
    Take care, hope tomorrow is a better day
    Love Sue xx


  3. Hey Sam, I don’t expect this comment will help you much but just want you to know I am thinking about you – you are being very brave xxx


  4. I think it’s brave and empowering for all of us with dodgy bowels to hear for real what you are going through. Poo is a taboo that means so many people suffer in silence and don’t get the help they need. The bit about mostly passing blood made me weepy though, it must be so frightening, just wondering what is going on in your insides. Praying the drugs kick in powerfully and soon, hoping you get a rest tonight and looking forward to more sock shots on FB 🙂 love Debbie x


  5. Thanks for the mention lovely Sam, it was so lovely to see you this evening. It was good to get out and have a good laugh (I’m not sure this is normal hospital visit behaviour). I hope tomorrow goes OK.

    Love Corinne


  6. Proud cousin, I also wasn’t aware of your condition and the pain you suffer so I’d like to say your blogs are amazing and very to the point which is what is needed for awareness so id like to say I’m very proud of you and hope all the right decisions will be made for better health and happiness for you and your family.

    Louise x


  7. Hi Beautiful Lady ….. I hadn’t realised you were so poorly 😦 you are so brave and I’m positive your blogs will help people who have the same condition as you and you must not be embarassed you are doing a great job. Take care Sam I appreciate I’ve only got to know you recently but honestly if there is anything I can do to help you in anyway them please let me know. Sending you lots of love and massive hugs (((((( )))))) Patricia xxx


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