owl eye mask

Day five in hospital

I’m afraid there’s not much to tell today. I can’t really think of anything inspirational, interesting or witty to say!!

That’s the worst thing about being in hospital I suppose, there are days where all you can do is swallow the meds, take the injections and rest. I’m no better and no worse today – the doctors just want me to get through 5 days of steroids to see if I improve. I’m currently on the loo 10-12 times a day and still losing a lot of blood, it never stops being scary to see blood coming from where you’re not expecting it!!!

Monday is the reassessment day – as far as I know, if I haven’t improved by then Ill be over to the surgical team. If I improve then the plan is to get me better, on to an outpatient drug plan to get well to do the surgery as a planned procedure.

My mum visited this afternoon and then Timm this evening. I asked Timm to bring me the airplane eye mask from home as the lights are never switched off at night and despite sleeping tablets I just can’t get to sleep.

This is what he brought me… You know the nurses and other patients are going to be taking the piss tonight!! Hahaha!!


Not much else to say I’m afraid apart from a huge continued thank you for all the messages I’m receiving whilst I’m in hospital. It truly means so much and really helps.

Thanks for reading

Sam xxx


6 thoughts on “Day five in hospital

  1. Hey Sam, I had no idea about all this so I’m sorry I haven’t sent you virtual cuddles before. As always you are an inspiration and your joyous personality shines through on this blog. Even though we don’t know each other well, I speak about you and your family lots and love your Facebook updates and your obvious closeness as a family. I know you have lots of lovely friends but if you need anything at all please ask 🙂 lots of love to you, Timm and your children and I have no doubt that have made the right decision. Speak soon and I’ll be thinking of you over the next days an weeks x


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