stoma placement

Day seven in hospital

So today I’m still no better, the drs, nurses, my family and myself all feel that all the medication has been given the best possible effort and it’s not working for me, so surgery is the right option for me now.

I’ve seen my consultant and my specialist IBD nurse and they have explained the surgery and what’s going to happen now.

I’m still at the Hallamshire and I’m just waiting now for a bed on the urgent surgery ward at the Northern General. Once I get a bed Ill just be on a priority waiting list for surgery so it could be any time in the next day or so.

My IBD nurse has been to measure me for where my stoma will be fitted… It’s the big black permanent marker spot!


You can read a bit more about the type of surgery I’m having here

So it’s just a waiting game now! It could be any time in the next few days. I’m feeling an odd sensation of fear and relief. I’m scared about the surgery, about the pain and any possible complications. But I’m relieved that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Surgery is a huge decision and I just want to make sure that I get across that I know it’s not for everyone. For ten years I have lived with this disease, I’ve tried the meds, I’ve lived through so many flare ups and hospital stays. I have cried too many tears and been through enough pain, humiliation and embarrassment. I have dealt with side effects of meds from moon face to palpitations, depression to insomnia.

And so now is the time to move forward. Get this bowel out and move my life onwards and upwards!

I’m still going to try and blog, but if I can’t then Ill make sure Timm updates you all to how things are going.

If anything changes later then Ill possibly update myself, but till then I’m going to try and rest up as I’m feeling totally wiped out and I need to prepare myself physically and mentally for the upcoming days.

Much love

Sam xxx


2 thoughts on “Day seven in hospital

  1. Didn’t realise you were in hospital now Sam, must check your blog more frequently. I can’t think of any shit jokes atm but I’ll try and dredge some up for you.

    Look after yourself lady, you’re in the right place, and think of it this way, once you’ve had the surgery and got the bag, there’s no more chance of skidders that us UC people get when you “pop” a bit!!!

    Lots of love xxx


  2. It’s a big step but one that really does seem the best way forward. Hope you get transferred quickly and safely. As always in my thoughts and prayers x


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