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An update

I thought I’d do a quick update on yesterday’s debacle but before I do I just want to reiterate that apart from this problem with three staff members (one in particular) the other doctors, nurses and support staff at both Hallamshire and Northern General hospitals have been outstanding.

They have shown warmth, caring and have gone above and beyond in helping and caring for me.

I appreciate them very very much and will not be letting the actions of the very few mar my experience with many others.

Last night was awful. After the problems with the nurse I was left feeling alone and upset. When I needed help with my bag in the night I was told there was only that one nurse who could help me so was left with someone who seemed to dislike me quite a lot in care of my stoma which was awful.

My pain didn’t decrease at all, my sleeping tablets didn’t work and I was in agony.

The steroids have made me suffer with the insomnia again and despite the sleeping tablets I could not sleep. The pain was just unbearable – I told the nurses overnight that my pain levels were so high. They ask you for a score of 1-3 – I told them it was as high a 3 as I’d ever had.

So between the lack if sleep, the steroids, the insomnia, the stress of the evening I was not a happy bunny. I had the ‘laughing’ nurse and the evening nurse to see to me. They gave me codiene paracetamol and orimorph.

I felt really uncomfortable in their care through the night. They did nothing to make me feel any better and by 630am I was in agony. I asked for more pain relief and was told I’d had everything I could and that I’d have to wait till the dr came later in the morning.

I lay crying in pain till the next nurse came on. She took one look at me and said ‘right lets get you sorted!’ She checked my chart and immediately gave me orimorph that helped within 20 minutes!

Around 9am Timm arrived. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so angry… He’d spent the night getting every piece of information to do with complaining about the NHS, protocols, phone numbers, etc etc and was ready to ensure I got care! My hero!!!


Once here Timm looked through my chart and said that as I’d been telling them through the night I was at a 3 for pain – they had been putting 1s and 2s.

The day nurse also said that I had only been on half doses of all my meds and that I could have 10mls of orimorph every two hours and 2 tablets of codiene every 4 hours.

I have no idea why both nurses would not give me the pain relief that I needed and that had been prescribed to me rather than leaving me wide awake in pain all night.

So today’s care has been much much better. My nurse was lovely and kind and has helped me get back on top of my pain. She explained all my meds and was fantastic.

She got a sister to come and see me who I have explained all my concerns and complaints and is helping me move forward with them. Timm and I are also seeing the hospital manager on Monday and have our routes sorted with how to complain.

We are complaining because I need to know that this sort of thing is not acceptable.

I need to know that if a nurse acts like this to me, that she can’t get away with mistreating an old lady without a voice or a person who doesn’t have the support to shout about it.

Huge love to all the amazing comments I’ve had today and yesterday. I’m blown away by the 2000 views of my last post!!! 2000!!!

Thank you for caring and thank you for supporting me in standing up for myself and for other patients!!!

It matters. We matter. We have a voice and we will use them.

Love Sam xxxx


23 thoughts on “An update

  1. Sam, I am so shocked about the pain meds thing, it sounds like pure nastiness and I’m glad you have Timm to help you fight your corner and that you are going to go ahead with a formal complaint. I think it’s such a shame that you’ve had this experience after so much wonderful care but am really pleased that you are not going to let it be the lasting memory of your experience. I know the nursing I saw when I visited looked kind, personal and caring (exactly what it should be). I hope things start to look up for you again and your recovery continues to go well. See you soon lovely xx


  2. Sam – I let my 82 year old mum read your blog of yesterday (I’m up in Scotland) and she, like all of us was totally shocked and disgusted at your treatment ( think she laughed at the word fanny though :-)) – it made her think that at her age so many people make genuine complaints in hospital and don’t ever get heard. Good on you and big hoorah for Timm for standing up for all patients today. Hope each day gets brighter xxxxx


  3. Hooray for proper information but I’m still gobsmacked that meds weren’t issued correctly and appropriate care wasn’t given. As you say, if someone didn’t have the level of support or knowledge of information that you have, where in the hell would they get it from and what would they do?


    • I was shocked. I couldn’t believe the difference in care from one day to another!!
      Another patient has said to me that she was trying to get to her phone to video the nurse as she was so shocked at her behaviour!!


  4. I’m utterly disgusted at the treatment that you have received at the hands of those members of hospital staff Sam. How they can carry on treating you like shit I don’t know, not being honest on your notes and not giving you the pain relief that you could have had is unforgivable, on top of their shitty attitude. Take this to the top nobs at the hospital, to the Ministry for Health if necessary, until they are severely disciplined and made to change their attitude, or bloody sacked!


  5. Wonderful you’re making steps forward, but dismayed to hear how you’ve been treated…my questions would be why, why, why have they not given you the proper care, consideration and the appropriate medication/pain relief. Please let us know how things work out.
    Love and Bestest of Wishes to you.xxx


  6. Wonderful news Sam that you are finally getting heard. That you have had such wonderful treatment from the satff, then being treated so terrible, is beyong comprehension. Go supeman,Popeye whatever you are Timm, but what a man. Go to the top and do it for eveyone that can’t speak for themselves, as you said Sam. I am so proud of you.I hope you can finally now begin to heal, both inside and out. Can’t wait to give you a huge hug love. Loads of love xxxx


  7. Thank you. On behalf of the people like my nan who couldn’t speak to complain and was denied pain relief as she lay dying… thank you for speaking up. It is so important.

    I’m sorry your night was so bad. I am glad you had a better day. May it continue. X


  8. I am just dumbfounded by the behaviour of the three you have mentioned. Dumbfounded by the fact that they falsified medical records and secretly denied you the pain medication you so obviously needed. It’s beyond negligence, it’s acting with malicious intent – they’re a disgrace to their profession! I’m so sorry you’ve been through such a hideous experience my love, I wish you the best of care and send you healing thoughts. xxx


  9. It makes me wonder how many other people have suffered at the hands of these ‘health professionals’ because I’m certain this was not a one off, this really does seem to be the way they ‘do’ their job. That you’ve got Timm to fight your corner for you is a blessing and quite frankly, to those of us who’ve been following your blog, he really is the superhero in this story. What about the others? Those without their own superman, how will they be listened to?

    Thank you for sharing, thank you for being so open and heartbreakingly honest, it really is a privilege to share this journey with you. I’m still trying to get my head around this major life changing surgery you’ve had, never mind the abuse you’ve suffered. My heart goes out to you. Praying you heal fast, both emotionally and physically.


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