sam and timm cleasby

My hero

My hero isn’t someone wearing a cape and fighting crime.

It isn’t the person with the biggest muscles taking down the ‘bad guys’

It isn’t someone who is fighting fires or saving lives.

My hero sits and watches me sleep even though he knows he doesn’t have long to visit me in hospital as he has to rush back for the school run.

My hero tells me I’m beautiful when I’m in a hospital bed and haven’t brushed my hair for days.

My heroes eyes shine with tears because sometimes it’s all a little much for him.

My hero sees my stoma and in it sees a future healthier me and it makes him happy.

My hero cares not about the blood, shit and tears when he kisses me and tells me he loves me.

My hero takes home my bags of washing as he knows I couldn’t deal with anyone else seeing the state I have been in.

My hero is running our business, caring for our children, running the house, pets and everything…

My hero doesn’t treat me like I’m sick. He takes the piss out of me, he makes me laugh and he says inappropriate comments to make me giggle.

My hero supports me in this blog. He knows how important it is for me to talk about this and helps me do it.

When I say I’m worried ill be embarrassed in public with some of the noises my stoma makes, my husband tells me he will lift his leg and take the blame!

My hero makes sure that when I’m too hurt and not strong enough to stand up for myself, that my voice is heard and my corner is stood.

My hero will spend the next few weeks nursing me back to strength. He does it with love, kindness and a sense of humour.

My hero is Timm







16 thoughts on “My hero

  1. Oh my goodness Sam, I am a sobbing mess. That is the loveliest thing I’ve read. As I was reading it Doug was looking at me aghast. When I passed it to him to read he said aaaww, isn’t that lovely. That is quite emotional for Doug lol. You and Timm should be really proud of your relationship. You are both inspirational! We really hope that your tummy farting stoma is the best thing to happen to you (other than Timm and the kids obviously!) and that you are soon living a healthy painfree life. Sending you tonnes of hugs and love as always xx


  2. Lovely words about your hero Sam …..I’m crying like a baby (snot bubbles included). Get well soon hun….you’ll be out having a blast with Timm and your gorgeous children soon I’m sure xxxx


  3. Hi Sam,

    Have been catching up with your blog and have to say you’ve had me in tears! So sorry to hear about your struggles but I know you’re a tough lady and you’ll pull through this kicking and triumphant! Others have said it but you courageously sharing your story has been an inspiration to others and it’s so nice to see yours and Timm’s relationship going from strength to strength.

    I hope you don’t have to deal with those awful nurses again! I can’t believe they treated you like that.

    Anyhoo, we’re sending our positive vibes, and I thought you might appreciate a laugh:

    big hugs xxx


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