4.30am Insomnia

Awwwwwww man!!! This post comes to you at 4.30am and it serves me right for blogging yesterday that I thought my insomnia days were over!!

Went to bed quite early at 11pm and managed to get off to sleep. Woke at 2am – emptied bag.

Slept for an hour.

Been up since 3am.

Feel exhausted but can’t sleep again.

I hate insomnia.


Love Sam xx


5 thoughts on “4.30am Insomnia

  1. Awwww Sam i feel for you love. I lay awake most mornings from 3.00am but it’s from old age lol. Used to tell mom, bless her, that the older you got, the less sleep you needed. Now i am older, i sleep less but am knackered. I hope you get over the insomnia soon though. Sleep is the best way to heal as you know. Loads of love and good wishes. xxx


    • I haven’t tried any remedies apart from Zopiclone (sleeping tablets) as the insomnia is caused by taking the steroids. Im hoping that as soon as Im off them (in three days) the insomnia should go too!


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