bombay satchel company bag

A day of firsts…

A day of firsts and not all good ones Im afraid.

The day started at 4am when I woke to find my bag had somewhat exploded…  Im thinking making it three weeks before having a full blown blast out is good though, yes? Poor old Timm was woken up and helped sort me out and get me in the shower whilst he did a full bed strip and got some washing on.  I know this is gross, but it’s life for someone with a stoma so I thought it was important to share.  Basically my bag was completely filled with air and so all output was forced out of the sides of the flange (best word ever)… Not a good start to the day.

Anyway this morning my lovely friend Caroline took me into Sheffield for a bit of shopping.  Its the first time I have been out without Timm in a month so it was a little nerve racking but lovely, we went to the Forum for brunch and it was just so nice to be out as a ‘normal’ person.  We chatted, shopped and were generally just a bit giddy.  Ive not had enough giddiness in my life for the past few weeks so it was fantastic to have some time with my friend.

We did have a bit of a laugh when I was explaining to Caroline about ‘phantom rectum’ which is where despite the fact that I have no colon and nothing is connected, I sometimes feel that I need a poo… This is known as a phantom rectum – As I was giggling about the funny name, her response was “Well it does have a ring to it!” Cue hilarity…

Then comes my next first.  I went to the loo and realised I had some leakage on my bag, so I came out and used the disabled loo and my radar key for the first time! I also had to do a clean up and put a new flange and bag on in a public toilet! A bit terrifying as so far Im used to taking my time and doing it in my bedroom.  But I managed it and was just really glad I had my full pack up of products with me.  It really made me realise the importance of being able to use the disabled toilets.  I need the space, but more importantly the use of the basin in the cubicle.  Also the importance of having a spare set of everything I need to do a change.

stoma products

I got a travel bag from Fittleworth who are my delivery company for all my ostomy supplies.  Its not the most fashionable thing in the world but it keeps everything together and was a lifesaver today.  The only thing is that its quite big and so I need a large handbag to fit it in.  I have a couple of larger bags but thought it was VERY IMPORTANT that I had another… Right?? I bought this beauty today from one of my favourite shops Within Reason by The Bombay Satchel Company.

bombay satchel company bag


Coming home from our few hours out, I could barely keep my eyes open.  I can’t believe how exhausted I feel after doing so little.  Its a reminder that my body is still mending and healing and though I have more energy now, I really need to make sure I don’t push myself too hard.

So Im off for a nap now to recover from a hard day drinking tea, eating and shopping!!

Love Sam xx


10 thoughts on “A day of firsts…

    • It was a weird way to wake up! To be honest I was too shocked to be upset! I woke Timm up and he just went into ‘dad mode’ I think!! When you are a parent, you’ve seen enough shit/vomit/snot that you just deal with it!!

      He just sorted me out and got me in the shower whilst he stripped all the bed. He is such a keeper that one!!

      After everything was sorted, I said ‘sorry you had to deal with that’ and he tutted and told me not to ever apologise for something like that. I said thank you and we had a hug.

      He is flipping awesome my husband, I think because he wasn’t freaked out, I was quite calm. It wasn’t nice at all, but it just needed to be dealt with straight away. So by the time I was showered, new bag on, fresh jamas and he had put clean sheets on, it seemed a bit daft to get upset an hour later!!



      • Dear Sam,I have a special satchel, I had bowel cancer so I do know how you feel, but in time you will be able to change a bed and have a shower all inside 15 mins, I have had mine nearly 5 years so it does get easier
        love Donna xx


  1. Sam, I have no idea who you are my love, but my husband has an ileostomy and I can relate so well to your husband. I am also a nurse and in both roles, nothing is guaranteed to make me crosser than someone apologising, we love you unconditionally and non judgementally and would do anything for you. We married you with all the vows made and so being kept and given with love. Xxxxxx have you. Heard of the Cuiwear prescription underwear, they are great (maybe not for young beautiful girls) and just like sloggis xxx


  2. Sam, i have had a bag since 2001 and every day gets better. I can relate to your leaking bag on the bed as it happened to me but i wasn’t as lucky as you my husband sttood there while i changed the be and got myself cleaned up so you have got a really good man . I went into the supermarket a few days ago there was a lady waiting for a disabelled toilet she had a buggy with a baby in it ,i aske her if she was waiting as i need to use it but she didnt say you go first even though i told her why i needed to go in there . She just needed it so she could take the buggy in . Sounds like a real moan doesn’t lol


  3. Sam I have my stoma 10 yrs I’m 48 so I was 38 when I got mine , if I don’t drink a lot I get a leak around the edges I call it pancake , the first few yrs were hard but I have a fantastic husband who woke up a lot of nights to a not so nice bed , he got up and helped sort out the bed and never minded , it get easier with time and experience, I wish u all the best xx


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