Woah! Eventful Friday night!

It’s all gone a bit dramatic here tonight, it started with a total bag blow out.

One minute I was cooking dinner with Timm, the next I heard a popping noise and felt a huge whoosh as the contents of my bag spectacularly emptied out down my legs and into the kitchen floor.

With an ‘oh shit’ from me, the husband realised what was happening and we both leapt into action. Well for me it was more of a legs together weird shuffle to the bathroom whilst Timm followed with my supplies and then he went to clean up the poonami in the kitchen.

I’m a lucky woman to have such an awesome husband to look after me. If I’m honest, I bloody hate that he has to deal with my shit (literally) I find it embarrassing and upsetting. But he deals with it all in a way that makes life so much easier and I find it easier to allow him to help me because he’s just so cool about it all.

sam cleasby blogger writer stoma ibd

After Id showered and sorted out a new bag I rejoined Timm and we finished making dinner and all was well in the world…

Then after dinner we headed out to the supermarket, we’re trying out meal planning and so we wanted to shop together to get next weeks groceries. As I got in the car I started to have stomach ache, by the time we got to Morrisons I was in quite a lot of pain. It kind of felt like trapped wind so I tried to ignore it.

Then it got worse, I went to the loos and I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. It felt like my stomach was bursting open, I’ve not hurt that bad since I was in labour. I came out and was sweating, pale and thought I would faint from the pain.

A lady sat me on a bench and I called Timm who was walking round with the trolley to tell him I needed to go home.

He practically carried me to the car and drove me home whilst I was grunting, shouting and swearing. I honestly thought something had burst inside me. It was agony.

I got home and laid in bed and removed my bag. My stomach was really swollen and my hernia really pronounced. My stoma was large and dark coloured. I was crying in pain as Timm got me painkillers, I really thought I needed to go straight to hospital.

As I laid flat my stomach started to relax and then I felt a weird feeling and my hernia seemed to shrink back into my stomach. And the pain just went.

It was the weirdest thing, one moment I was rolling round in agony, the next I just had a slight ache.

We’re thinking it must be the hernia?! That it came out a lot and then as I relaxed and laid flat, it sank back in. Who knows?! I haven’t eaten anything different today than I’ve had before. I haven’t drank quite as much as usual but just got no idea.

I felt quite embarrassed at the drama I caused and how much grunting and swearing I did!!! I’ve had painkillers and going to stay in bed now and relax.

parastomal hernia recovering from ileostomy surgery and hernia

Excuse the mess in my room! We are moving house in a couple of weeks and there are boxes everywhere!!!

I’ll speak to clinic/stoma nurse as soon as possible to see what they think it was. If any ostomates have any ideas I’d love to hear them! Perhaps I’m doing too much, I’m packing and cleaning our current home. I have no idea, I’m just glad I don’t feel like an alien is bursting through my stomach any more!!!

Thank you Timm for dealing with all my stoma dramas tonight, you are my hero and I couldn’t deal with all this without you.


Thanks for reading

Sam xxx


6 thoughts on “Woah! Eventful Friday night!

  1. This makes me happy..
    I’ve been so depressed lately thinking about all the friends and family that don’t like to deal with my “burden” when it comes to my lack of health..
    It’s so refreshing and nice to see that there are people out there that are willing to help others, you know? To love us like we’re not sick. I think there needs to be more of that in the world. Compassion and support. You’re lucky to have such a caring husband, and I’m sure he’s just as lucky to have you! Hopefully you get to feeling better, and you’re able to figure out what went wrong.


    • Hi Stacey

      I’m sorry you’re having a tough time with friends and family, I have some people in my life who have little to do with my illness. But this is there choice and no reflection on me.

      Then there are others who take it in their stride, who love me regardless of this bag and who still see me, not a sick person, just me.

      I’m lucky to have my husband, he deals with everything with a patience, strength and care that I don’t know where he finds it. He never makes me feel like a burden, he makes me feel like everything is just going to be fine.

      I am so blessed to have him.

      Stay strong Stacey and enjoy the company of people who make you feel good.

      Sam xxx


  2. Hi Sam,

    Woah dramatic night! Your husband is like mine, a pure diamond geeza.

    It sounds like something got lodged and there was a food blockage starting from where you were cooking tea and your bag and stoma went mental. Your stomach filled with gas because of the blockage and pain is also a blockage signal.

    Thankfully it stopped maybe because you lied down and it was able to dislodge itself. (What ever it was)

    If it happens again drink warm water and lie down and massage your tummy, if you get pain loss of imput get a fever or throw up – go straight to the hospital you have a blockage.

    With food as a new ostomate it takes time to get to grips with food and drink so try if you can to eat small bites and chew really well. There are certain foods that are known to cause block more than others.

    Please tell someone in the care team what happened to you, it’s important that they can monitor your progress and check for any potential problems. I am sure you will be fine this is just a hiccup. However, please get someone to do the packing for you, it’s early for you to be doing something so physical especially as you already have a hernia.

    Keep well Sam,

    Take care Cath. x


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