Good news!

Just had an email from my consultant saying that he hasn’t formally reported on it yet but wanted to let me know that he isn’t concerned about the shadow and doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about!

So. Bloody. Relieved.

I have to say positivity abandoned me over the last few days but thank you so so much for all the amazing messages of support I’ve received from you lot. It means a lot and I feel so lucky to have such awesome friends, family and readers.




5 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Hi, this is the first time I’ve spoke to someone with the same problem as me. I had a full pancocolectomy in July 2004. I must admit u r so brave to sunbathe with yours. I got to elwear boxers, which I hate and feel so Unattractive with mine. Thankfully, my wife don’t bother with it. U have made me realise how Un important this is, now. U have made me feel better. Thank you. Jamie.


    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks for your message. Im so glad I have made you feel better, I don’t feel brave when I sunbathe, I feel like my stoma is no reason to stop dong what I want to do. It makes me sad that you feel unattractive but your wife sounds great.

      Take care

      Sam x


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