ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby

Ostomy photoshoot – 50s pin up

There is a lot of negativity when it comes to ostomies, I have heard many a time things like “Id rather die than wear a colostomy/ileostomy bag” “I don’t want to look like a freak” “Im not normal if I have a bag” etc etc

It is absolutely gutting to hear comments like this being made in public, the fact is that these bags save lives, we aren’t choosing to have them as a fashion accessory, they are there because the people who have them have been so sick and battled so hard that they now have to live with an ostomy.

As you may know I have done a couple of photoshoots before in order to demystify the whole process, to show how small a part of me my bag is.

I decided to do one last shoot before my pouch surgery next week and the theme was 50s pin up.  I wanted to show that people living with an ostomy can be sexy, fun and cheeky… That this little bag doesn’t define who I am, it is just a small add on to my body that allows me to function in a way I have been unable to for 10 years.

Im a bit nervous at putting these up so please be kind, I do this because I want to make a difference, I want to show people what an ileostomy bag is like, and that it doesn’t stop my femininity, sexuality or sense of humour because when I had my surgery I was so terrified that I would lose those things.

Enjoy x

ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby


ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby


ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby


ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby


ostomy photoshoot sexy ileostomy 50s pin up photo shoot so bad ass sam cleasby



Please like, comment and share these images with anyone you think they could make a difference with.
Thanks so much for looking

Remember that you can make a difference, to donate to Crohns and Colitis UK you can text CCUK14 and your donation amount to 70070
e.g. If you wanted to donate £5 you would text: CCUK14 £5 and send it to 70070.

Or online through Just Giving


Thank you so much to my husband Timm for The Picture Foundry for photographing me for this shoot.


Sam xxx


35 thoughts on “Ostomy photoshoot – 50s pin up

  1. Hey Sam,

    Loved your photos! I have a new ileostomy (since Jan) and am embracing life in my new (& still sexy) body. Thanks to people like you I grow more inspired & courageous each day. Props to you for your fearlessness & awesomeness. Also, good luck for your upcoming surgery. 🙂


  2. Fair play to you! I’m really inspired seeing this. I have had my ileostomy for 3 years and just had the pouch removed so my stoma is now permanent. Thanks! xx


  3. Thankyou for your wonderful, inspirational pics. I have had a colostomy for a year & also have had more major surgery since. Still struggle some times, but, with tales & pics such as yours I know I will get thereXxxx


  4. think your pics are beautiful bag or not. I don’t have one myself but if that’s what I would need to live I would gladly do so. I think its great what you are doing I have known many people with them who struggle with the idea. Im sure you putting your self out their will help many see that it does not have to define them and that they are beautiful bag or not! Great job!


  5. I think you are a beautiful woman who has gone way beyond her comfort zone to provide support not only for other ostomy patients, but also for their caregivers! My severely globally challenged child will be 16 in June. I think he is the best ambassador of good will on the planet. So many people say that you cant tell by looking at him that there is anything wrong with him to the point that even another parent at the palliative care facility asked me why he was even there. The struggle to survive and overcome so many barriers to a healthy pain free life have not dulled his bright spirit and joyful countenance. As much as I worship him, I must fairly put you in his class. Ostomates, rejoice at the company you keep, for you are well friended by the sweetest of souls!


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  7. Thanks for your pictures you have given me hope I’ve felt so bad didn’t even wanna get dressed, now I think I can at least get dressed and not feel UGLY with this bag.thank you millions you have given me courage


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