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Post Op News…

Hi Everyone, Timm here.

So yesterday Sam went in to theatre at around 8 am, she was 1st on the list so no waiting around. The op lasted around 4 hours and I called at 1pm and she was in recovery and  they said she was doing ok.

I finally got to see her in the evening and she looked ok… if a little grey. She was very drowsy and feeling sick but seemed to be coping fine. It was good to see her tho and hold her hand.

Barack O’Stoma has gone… she is now stoma less and has a brand new bum.

Mr Brown (Her surgeon) said that the op went as close to perfectly as it could have gone with everything going as planned. He has created a pouch around 15CM long, re connected everything and fixed her hernia.

As it’s a 1 step procedure she can’t eat anything solid for 10 days and she has a tube up her bum to remove the waste to stop any infection and pressure…

This afternoon she was in very good spirits and we sat and chatted for a bit with her mum but this evening she had started to feel a bit sick, hot and tired.

She has asked me to let everyone know that the internet signal in hospital is rubbish so she probably won’t be posting much (Although knowing Sam she’ll find a way around that soon enough) but for now you have to put up with me and my child like writing style.

She is getting all your messages though either from me or when the internet does work and they are making her feel very loved and cared for so please do keep them coming, although she may not be able to reply.

Right I’m off to sleep.

Mucho Love


PS She wanted a pic for on here so here it is…

Post Op


13 thoughts on “Post Op News…

  1. Sending you lots of love Sam. Thinking of you lots and even though you may not believe I am still praying for you babe. Get better soon. Well done Timm for keeping the blogg going. 🙂 xxxx


  2. Looking great considering all you have been thru. Thinking of you daily and your mom keeps me posted. Be strong. Loads of love from “down under”. Anita and Keith xxxx


  3. Awww thanks Tim for the update and sooooo pleased that it all went really well Sam, just concentrate on getting stronger now xxx


  4. Thank you Timm for the update on Sam’s operation 🙂 you are amazing Sam keep strong & focused and I know you’ll be up and about in notime … take care of yourself …. 🙂 sending love and massive hugs for a speedy recovery. Patricia xx


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