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Hospital Update… on the mend.

3 days after surgery and Sam is already well on the mend. Woohoo.

We’ve had some ups and downs, but now things seem to settling some what.

Sam’s blood pressure and temperature have both been a bit like a yoyo but she is settling down more and more with each passing hour.

Tonight she’s had her epidural and catheter removed and has been able to go to the loo on her own…

There’s been a few “interesting” things happened whilst she’s been recovering.

Last night, just before the kids were due to visit for the 1st time, a new lady was moved into the bed next to Sam. She was obviously suffering from dementia and had little control over her voice and spent a good few hours screaming and banging things… non stop. This was obviously upsetting for Sam, especially as the kids were coming to visit, we tried to get through the visit by taking her to the day room but she just wasn’t ready for that much stress so we only had 20 mins or so before we had to take her back to bed. The Kids were happy to see mum but it was hard on them seeing her in pain etc… When we took her back to bed the lady was still screaming and Sam was struggling with all her tubes and wires. This was a bit too much for the kids and we had a lot of tears and worry all round. I did speak with the ward staff (Who are all very helpful, friendly and attentive by the way) and they reassured me that they were finding her a bed in a side room so there would be less disturbance. We left all in tears but knowing that there was going to be a resolution soon. (They lady was moved shortly after we left and Sam managed some rest too).

This morning Sam was feeling sick still so the nurses gave some anti-sickness medicine and she had a reaction to it… not a good thing as she said it made her feel that she was going mad. She was trying to explain to the nurses and couldn’t find the words and wanted to call me but couldn’t work out how to use the phone… When I arrived for the afternoon visit she looked very shook up and stressed. She did start to feel more normal quite quickly tho whilst I was there and by the time I left she seemed fine.

Everything with the op seems to be working fine, she’s stopped hiccuping (This was happening a lot and apparently is quite normal) and has started burping (Normal too) and the Kids and I were hoping for the 1st trump whilst we were there (I’m expecting a text when it happens) we were going to give her a round of applause… Sam hasn’t trumped for 8 months so it’s kind of  a big deal.

So all in all everything is going well and she’s recovering fine. She wanted me to say thank you to everyone for the well wishes and messages. The internet signal and phone signal in the hospital is awful and she’s struggling to connect but she says thank you to you all. xxxxx (If you’ve sent a message she will reply no doubt once she can get online and till then she has asked me to say sorry – I know there is no need for her to apologise but she wants you all to know she’s grateful for your kind words, well wishes and healing vibes…

Quite a few folk have also sent well wishes for me and the kids and we thank you too for that. We’re doing fine but missing mum / wife very much…

So much love to you all from us all and do keep reading and sending messages, they honestly are helping us all through it.


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9 thoughts on “Hospital Update… on the mend.

  1. The ups and downs of hospital recovery! It is so nice to have someone keep an eye open for you, whether visiting or in the next bed. The reaction to drug X being a bit weird is… weird. Made me smile waiting for the first trump! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


  2. Hi Sam, hope you have finally passed wind (farted, trumped, passed wind or whatever else one calls it lol). Once “IT” happens, I am sure you will feel comfortable. It’s amazing how such a small thing like passing a little bit of air can cause such a huge relief. Anyhoo. I am following progress through your mom or through here and am hoping you feel better soon and can go home to your family to recover as soon as possible. You have a very strong and loving support group Sam and this will help you get through this. along with your personal strength. I am so glad we met you all last year. Take care and be strong. Loads of love to you all and especially to you.xxxxx


  3. So glad to hear things are moving in the right direction, lets hope the wind does too!!!
    Sending you all big hugs and hope to see you once your home and settled. xxxxxxx


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