I’ve had a strong word…

With myself and all is good again… Still tired but not so Mardy (Grumpy for those not from Yorkshire) A good days work (Including welding and hammering, ALWAYS good) and a decent bit of time with Sam today has done the world of good… AND Ellie our fantastic daughter made buns… they we’re awesome.



So news from the ward, Sam’s doing ok, she’s having a lot of pain in the bum and its not me or the kids for a change… (sorry). She’s  finding it a struggle to put any weight on it. Not to surprising considering what it’s been through, but the doctors have been keeping an eye on it and as her temperature has been a bit up and down they have done blood tests and a CT scan. The blood tests came back with inflammation markers so they wanted the scan. The scan showed that the pouch was in great shape and there are no leaks but there is a small collection at the top of the bowels, we’re not too sure what that means but the docs didn’t seem too worried (Although they were talking of “releasing it” tonight, no idea what that entails).

In other news she had to have something put in her hand for the scan and it’s made it swell like balloon…. Look!

Big Hand

Big Hand

Apparently it doesn’t hurt, just feels weird…

So tomorrow I’m off to find a donut pillow so Sam can sit down and I’ll be seeing her 2 times too… happy happy.

Thank you to everyone who sent supportive messages and such like, everyone of then made me feel a bit better and they definitely helped raise my spirits.




One thought on “I’ve had a strong word…

  1. If you can’t find a donut pillow, a cheap childrens blow up water ring from argos or suchlike will do in the meantime. I remember that pain with the tube and there is nothing quite so excruciating!


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