pre op j pouch surgery sheffield


I am home.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages, cards and gifts. Who called, texted, visited and helped us out as a family this last 10 days.

I’m exhausted and still in pain, not ready to write down my experience yet but just wanted to do a quick post now I’m back home after my pouch surgery.

Everything has gone well though recovery is tougher than I could ever have imagined.

Thanks so much to my amazing husband Timm. For updating the blog, looking after the family, home and business whilst visiting me, being on hand constantly to speak to me and care for me. I honestly don’t have the words to say just how much I love that man.

Will update more when I can. Till then, here are a few photos from my week in hospital.










4 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Welcome home Sam!!, i didn’t expect you to be let out so soon Lol so you must be doing really well hun! the recovery days can be long and hard but just keep thinking you will get there very soon and be back on your feet! sending hugs Nic x


  2. Glad you are home,safe,and can now get on with your recovery.Take care and take it easy,bet everyone is glad to have you home xx 🙂


  3. Just read your entire bog (from a link on Mumsnet btw!) and just wanted to wish you a GREAT recovery. Your writing is inspiring..and funny.. and realistic. I have a different chronic illness and sometimes get fed up with it, but you rock!
    Wishing you a perfectly functioning bum 😀 xx


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