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Quick update – j pouch problems

A super quick update as I’m not up to blogging.

I’m having some problems with my pouch and so I’m going back to see my consultant tomorrow morning.

I can’t pass anything without a lot of pain, straining and basically feeling like I’m about to pass out.

Lots of pain in my belly and bottom and also passing what looks like coffee grounds which can be a sign of bleeding higher up.

I’m really exhausted and fed up but hoping that I’ll get some help tomorrow.

I’m feeling really sorry for myself right now. I’m regretting the operation and feel like my illness and recovery is just a massive burden to everyone. It all feels pretty sucky at the minute but I’m hoping that things will seem brighter soon.

Sam xx


6 thoughts on “Quick update – j pouch problems

  1. i am sooooo hoping that you are feeling better soon!!! this coming friday will be a year ago that i had a major blockage. 2 surgeries within 3 days. sending lots of love and hugs from thomaston,ga. i have been thinking about you!!! i do not have crohns or uc, my insides just like dont like me” and like to get blocked up and time. xoxoxo


  2. Sam, I am so sorry to hear that your J-pouch is not going well. I had a j-pouch back in the late 80’s when they were still fairly new and I also had a lot of issues and eventually had it removed. I hope that your consultant can help you tomorrow!


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