Human Salt Lick…

I came across what looks like the most hipster item I have ever seen… A human salt lick.

Now I know this looks mental, the site says “Himalayan pink salt releases negative ions, balancing cellular metabolism to increase immune system health.” I have to say that seems a little bit pseudoscience to me yet I’m still quite interested.

You see, without a large intestine, my body doesn’t absorb salt very well. I’m recommended to increase my salt intake quite a lot. The following advice comes from Ostomy Lifestyle.

“Salt is important for nerve and muscle function and is found naturally in most food and drink. There are risks associated with both having too much and too little salt in our diets. Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, which can make you more likely to develop heart disease, or have a stroke, while too little salt can cause headaches, cramps and fatigue. While there is some evidence that people with ileostomies can lose between 35-90mmol of sodium per day (equivalent to up to a teaspoon of table salt) because this would normally be absorbed in the large intestine, each person with an ileostomy will differ in terms of the amount they lose.”

They do also say that there is conflicting evidence over the long term need for additional salt as some people believe that the body learns to compensate.


I do wonder whether I need to increase my salt intake because sometimes I definitely struggle with headaches and fatigue. As with all health matters you should always check things out with your doctor but I think I may consider getting myself a salt lick!

What do you think?

Love Sam x

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One thought on “Human Salt Lick…

  1. From my very old physics, my understanding is that a negative ion is a particle or molecule with an extra electron, which gives it the negative charge (where’s Brian Cox when you need him). Conceptually, electrons are fairly mobile, so you could probably lick anything (your partner, your kids) and pick up a few. The electrons will just attach to the closest positive molecule it finds and not get much further than your tongue.

    As for salt (table salt is sodium chloride), that’s a white substance and any colour is due to impurities or colouring. I suspect there are cheaper, and more medically sound, ways to increase your sodium intake (which is actually a positive ion, not negative, in table salt) without having to walk around with salt on a rope around your neck.

    Maybe salt licks work better if you are a hipster, but I can’t find any research to say salt absorption is increased with high personal hipster-ness score. Won’t work for me based on that. Best of luck.


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