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Are bloggers self important egotists?

This was originally a post on my old blog, I found it recently and thought it deserved another share, let me know what you think…Sam x

So bloggers, how big is your ego??

I recently went on a large local forum to advertise the Sheffield Bloggers Meet Up (an event I played with for a few months), just a small post saying that I was setting this group up and asking if anyone was interested…

The first reply made me raise my eyebrows, a poster said;

“The only problem with bloggers is that they only care about their own opinion, thats why they  think it’s important enough to blog.  So I doubt there are going to be many who wanna sit around with a coffee listening to other people’s opinions, when they only care about their own.”  

I ignored the post and a couple of weeks later posted a small update saying that the first meeting had gone well and the date of the next meet.

The moderator of the group then post a fairly offensive remark saying

“Yes; many bloggers do need advice, esp. from suitably-qualified mental health specialists.”  

Followed by another post by a different user who said

“Bloggers are just the 21st century equivalent of the pub bore ranting on and on about their personal opinion, not realised that no-one cares what they think. If I ran the internet I’d shut down all bloggers sites as they serve no useful purpose other than to remind us how many self-important egotists there are in this world!”

Blimey! I was genuinely shocked at the comments, I know blogging isn’t for everyone but I couldn’t understand the vitriol.

I pointed out that the poster who said bloggers were pub bores and egotists had over 1000 posts on the forum and questioned what the difference was between that and a pub bore.  He retorted that a forum was a discussion and a blog was a lecture.

When I said that I didn’t force anyone to read my blog and that it was a choice to read my opinion the same way it is a choice to read a newspaper, the lovely poster took the time to apparently read my blog and said;

“As you helpfully provided a link I’ve just had a brief look at your blog and it’s exactly the sort of egotistical self-importance I mean. I know it sounds harsh but all your blog says to me is “look at me, look at me, aren’t I interesting?” There’s nothing wrong with showing your holiday snaps or favourite recipes to friends but you have to be a bit of an egotist if you think complete strangers might be interested!”

So are bloggers all self important egotists?  I love writing and I blog about things that interest me, my life  and things that make me laugh.  I would blog if no one was reading it but as it happens, people seem to like to read my mutterings.  I suppose I do think I have something to say, something to share and maybe you could say you have to be a little egotistical to put yourself out there and think that others will find your blog interesting.

But you could say the same about every writer, author, journalist, mp, actor… Anyone in the public eye really.

I spoke to Violet Fenn from Sex, Death, Rock n Roll who said

If you think blogs are tedious and egotistical, then you are probably reading the wrong blogs.”   

The internet is a big place, and there is room for everyone.  If you don’t like blogs, don’t read them.  It’s really simple!

I think blogging is a really social thing, to me it is like an interactive magazine.  I write an article about something I find interesting and others can respond.  I used to buy a lot of magazines and would never write in about an article that I enjoyed, hated or felt strongly about as it just seemed like such a faff.  Now I buy a lot less magazines but I read a hell of a lot of blogs and at a click of a button I can comment, question or let the author know I loved or hated their work.

People blog for all manner of reasons, some for fun, some to keep up with family and friends around the world, some for business and marketing, some use it as a form of therapy and some to share their interest.  The point is that each one is doing something, they are writing, creating and sharing.  They are making connections both locally and internationally.

Isn’t that the amazing thing about the internet??  Today I have had people from 16 different countries around the world reading my blog, I have had tweets, emails and comments from them.  I have made connections with people I would never have had any contact with were it not for my blog.  I love that, I think its exciting.

So if that makes me an egotist, I suppose I’ll take that label.

I’d love to hear your thoughts (as this is a discussion, not a lecture!) so please let me know what you think.


Love Sam x


6 thoughts on “Are bloggers self important egotists?

  1. I think advocates are in an entirely different ballpark; advocates blog to raise awareness or allow others to find reassurance in knowing they’re not alone in their struggles. Very different to say a fashion or beauty blogger who are only interested in the latest trends. Advocates enrich peoples perspectives on the world so I would say IBD bloggers especially are in a different ballpark to those egotistical blogs mentioned above. Keep doing what you do best which is bringing comfort to the masses 🙂 Xx

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  2. I think Violet hit the nail on the head. If you don’t like something, just don’t read it. It’s interesting that that particular person was so bitter … perhaps no one read their blog? 🙂


  3. As far as I’m aware reading blogs isn’t compulsory. Write what you want. I’ll choose to read it. Unless you change the blog to a poetry blog, or a blog about daily specials at local supermarket meat departments. I probably won’t read those. Free choice.

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  4. Wow as you say if he doesn’t like blogs, he doesn’t have to read them. Free world and I think a sad use of his time to rant about something that doesn’t hurt anyone or affect him.
    I’ve met a lot of bloggers who are the opposite of egotistic. Rather they are shy or low in confidence so enjoy blogging as a means of expressing themselves.

    I love the community of it. I’ve made friends through it (to be honest something I would have laughed at before) and just see it as if someone liked it cool, if they don’t no problem, don’t read it then.

    Love the humour you write with


  5. So when someone says they would shut down all blogs if they ran the internet, aren’t they really saying that they think the internet should be all about THEM (you can see the irony here)? And could it be that THEY’RE seeking attention by making a statement with “shock value”?

    IMO, it is egotistical for the person who said this to assume that everyone thinks (or should think) the way they do. Are there egotistical bloggers? Of course! Does that mean that all blogs are meaningless and purely self-serving? Quite a generalization.

    I think it’s sad that some people choose to sit in a dark room cursing when they have a match in one hand and a candle in the other.


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