Your messages…

Thank you so much for all your comments, reads, shares, emails and messages. I am so overwhelmed by the outpouring and humbled and honoured to read your stories.

I am getting thousands of emails and comments. Some are deeply personal stories and are heart breaking.

I am trying my best to reply to as many as possible, please bear with me, if your issue is important and requires a reply and I haven’t come back to you in a week then please try again.

But please know that I am reading every one.

To be given the opportunity to have a glimpse into your lives and those of your loved ones is amazing.

Thank you so much. Please know that it means a LOT! I don’t take this responsibility lightly and I am very proud to be trusted with your words.

I’m learning a lot too, I thought I was well informed but your stories are teaching me so much and I’m sharing this knowledge with the world.

Every one of you is awesome.

You lot are so bad ass…

✌️& ❤️

Sam x


7 thoughts on “Your messages…

  1. Thank you Sam, until now I have kept quiet about so much. I know there are so many women and men with problems but we are not alone and that is a great comfort.


  2. Hi, I saw your open letter on Facebook just before my surgery to remove my rectal tumour. I now have a permanent colostomy bag and am getting used to it (especially the noises, odours and farting!). I am leaving hospital tomorrow and I wanted to thank you for giving me hope and inspiration before this daunting surgery. It’s so good to know there are so many people with ostomies who are happy to talk about it in public and help others. Onwards and upwards! xx


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