incisional hernia after jpouch

Hernia date booked!

Very quick update about Harry the hernia… I blogged about getting the news I was being treated at a private hospital.

Well, my letter has come through and I’m booked in for the 21st March! Just under 3 weeks time.


Though I know it’s a routine operation and I trust my fabulous surgeon Mr Brown implicitly, I am very nervous. I think psychologically, I associate hospitals with so much pain and missing my family and so my anxiety levels are quite high thinking about surgery.

I even thought about cancelling, I just got myself in a bit of a panic and was thinking that the hernia isn’t that bad and that I could live with it. The reality is that it isn’t as bad as the last one. But it is uncomfortable every day and stops me doing things. It’s a sharp sickly pain when it pops out but because it’s not agony, I was thinking maybe I should wait.

I got over myself though and know I need this surgery to help me feel like I’m back on the road to recovery and so I will be going ahead.


I’m hoping that the change in environment may help my anxiety. I’ve never been to this hospital before and so it’s a different feeling to going ‘back’ to the Northern General. The place looks gorgeous and I’ll hopefully only be in for one night.

As with all surgeries, I have this panic that I won’t wake up. But I trust Mr Brown and really do feel like I’m in the safest hands and so I need to try to let go of that fear and accept that I will be cared for.

The kids are upset about me going back in.  They always get very concerned when I have to go into hospitals even if it’s just for a clinic visit, as they are afraid I will stay there for a couple of weeks.  But I have assured them that it will be a brief stay, the doctors say one night in, and this hospital doesn’t have set visiting hours and I will have a private room so they should be able to visit me whenever they like.  This really helps Timm as trying to arrange visits and school runs was quite stressful for him before.

I am having an operation on an Incisional Hernia, which means the weakness is where they cut me for the stoma, this is my second hernia op in a year and unfortunately the chances of it coming back are quite high.  But I will plod on in the hope that one year I will go a full 12 months without any surgery!!


I will, of course be blogging up to and after my surgery, so do keep reading!


Sam x


7 thoughts on “Hernia date booked!

  1. Great News Sam, just one day out of your week and you will feel so much better !! Understandable to be anxious but considering your previous surgeries this will be so much simpler. Take care x


  2. its only a little thing ,but I hope it helps, I am routing for you Sam, along with a whole load of people, inspirational lady, Lum .


  3. HI Sam

    So sorry to hear about your op. I’m sure everything will go well and that you will be on the road to recovery in no time.

    I’ve had two incisional hernia repairs already – the last was on 8 July 2014. The second time round my surgeon inserted a piece of mesh in an attempt to reduce the possibility of a re-occurrence although he said there is no guarantee because I have very weak abdominal muscles (my core muscles never developed). The mesh has worked to keep everything in place up to now but because medical aid would not authorise a slightly bigger piece of mesh, I now have another hernia which popped above where the mesh has been inserted. Just cannot win this one.

    I’m not volunteering to go back for more surgery so unless this one becomes an emergency, I will just die with this one, I think.

    Anyway – back to you. Wishing you all the best and trust that everything will go well for you.



  4. I’m sure you’ll be okay. The doctors know what their doing and it’s just a natural thing for your kids to be worried about you. You’ll be alright and once you’re done, be sure to let us know how it went.


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