Hernia surgery tomorrow

So the big day is tomorrow! I am in at 7am for surgery on my incisional hernia with an overnight stay.  I started 2015 with two wishes, I didn’t want to have an operation or move house this year.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be…

My hernia is very small and usually quite flat but when I exert myself, it pops out and is sickeningly painful and so it is stopping me from exercising and doing the things I want to do.  I have such a busy year with work and I need to be in good physical condition to manage it all.  Hernias only get worse with time, they won’t improve without surgery and so I know that this surgery is the right thing to do.

But I am nervous as hell.  A few people have said that “it’s only a small surgery” and that “it’s nothing compared to the last two”, they are right and I know they are only trying to set my mind at ease but I really am terrified and feeling anxious and sad about this operation.  

The thought of having another general anaesthetic is scaring me, I know they do it all the time but the risks are there.  I’m frightened at the thought of just not waking up.  I’m also scared of there being complications with the operation, but I have Mr Brown operating which definitely puts my mind at ease though I’m still nervy and shaky.

Timm is taking me in to hospital at 7am and I’ll be in overnight. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram or like me on facebook then I will probably be posting on there before the blog.

I am extremely anxious and feeling weepy and sad but I am going to pull on my big girl pants and I’ll be ok. The kids are worried as they always are if I have to go into hospital but Timm is going to bring them to visit tomorrow.

Our amazing friends Caroline and Jamie are having the kids tonight so we don’t have to rush with them in the morning and they are looking after them tomorrow so Timm can stay with me. We’re so lucky to have such fantastic friends who are always there for us and offer to have the children whenever we are in need. I can’t thank them enough and love them very very much.

So I’m off now as I think I’m chuntering on…

Thanks for all the lovely good luck messages as well as the cards and flowers.

✌️& ❤️

Sam xxx


11 thoughts on “Hernia surgery tomorrow

  1. Good luck with the surgery hun ❤ I hope and pray that it all goes as planned and you avoid all complications. I know how scary GA and surgery is. It doesn't get easier, does it? Sending prayers and positive vibes your way. You're an amazing woman and you will get through this! Xx


  2. I will be thinking of you tomorrow before, during and after your surgery. Yes the anaesthetic is terrifying, for the reason you stated, but as you said; you are in great hands, and you will certainly come out of it, to carry on with the next stage of your life, with your children and husband. Deep breaths, I have said a prayer for you. X


  3. I know we joke until we’re blue in the face, but we’ve all got your back Cleasby! This time next week you’ll be chuffed you donned those big girl pants and got this out the way! Summer of 2015 awaits, and it’s gonna be a bloody blinder! See you on the other (alive) side!! xxxxxxx


  4. Wishing you all the best with the surgery. I had my second one in July 2014 so remember my own journey very vividly. You’re a strong lady and I’m sure you will be back on your feet in no time. God bless!


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