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Feeling like crap but carrying on regardless

It’s ironic that today on World IBD day, I spent the morning at the GP surgery. For a week or so I’ve not felt quite right, increased toilet visits, urgency and a couple of accidents. I have also been struggling massively with joint pain.

I had a Twitter chat with IA Support (isn’t social media brill?!) who suggested possible Pouchitis and recommended I visit the doctors. I put it off as my anxiety over being taken back into hospital kicked in and I wanted to hide from any medical professionals but then yesterday my son held my hand and it hurt so much I had to let go.

I realised it was probably time to call the GP…

So with a temperature, bad joints, increased poos with urgency and blood and feeling like I have the flu I am so fatigued, my dr thinks the same and I have some big boy antibiotics to try and kick this bout of pouchitis in the ass.

Yet it is world IBD day which means though I’d rather be in a duvet den I am actually on the bus into Sheffield ready to go on BBC radio to talk about IBD!

Because though I am a BIG fan of listening to your body and stopping when you need to, today is just too important to me to cancel. I do everything I can to keep raising awareness, to #stoppoobeingtaboo and to help as many people as I can. And I do it all whilst fighting my own battles.

I know today I can reach a large audience of people with IBD, as well as carers, family and friends of those with Crohns or Colitis. And so I will carry on regardless because it means EVERYTHING to me to make a difference.

This shitty disease that keeps knocking me down every time I am feeling better. It has to be for a purpose. I have to believe that my life isn’t a struggle for no reason, and I choose to believe that reason is for this Sheffield lass with a big gob to help others.

And so Ill keep going today, through running to the loo and grinding aching joints and I will make a difference.

(Let’s not even DISCUSS my day trip to London tomorrow for business meetings!!!!)

Luckily I am going on holiday at the end of this week with my lovely Timm and the kids to see my fab in laws in Lanzarote. Not great timing as I’m worried about ruining the trip but at least I have some down time and can relax and rest.

Love Sam x


9 thoughts on “Feeling like crap but carrying on regardless

  1. I really feel for you Sam, I am under my duvet in pain and can’t imagine herrings on a bus never mind get out of bed! You are an inspiration to is all honey! Keep going and hope you manage to get through the day before collapsing in your bed later 👍 xxx


  2. I do hope things start to improve and the antibiotics kick in soon. I know today is important to you and good luck with that. Try to get some rest before you go away. Just keep telling yourself you deserve it. After all, you do!


  3. Sam, have you given up work as a result of the UC/J Pouch surgery? I have some interesting points which you may like to put in your blog as facts surrounding lack of understanding.


    • Hi Ginny

      No, I work full time but I am self employed and so make my own hours and I am my own boss. I don’t think I could work for someone else right now!

      Feel free to send me your interesting points and I will share them if they are relevant to my readers!



  4. I live with hydrocephalus (another invisable illness), and not IBD. But am a huge FAN of yours now. You kick ass (tis a pun)! In 23 years, I’ve tried to make some noise and progress for hydrocephalus with very limited success. So, keep doing what you’re doing as it’s going to lead to progress in the treatment of IBD. You’re hot too! For some fun, you should take your hubby or kid out on the baskeball court. That’s my therapy when I’m not drumming!


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