Im passionate about working with young women and children, teaching them about self esteem and positive body image.

“In the UK and around the world, men and women are subject to a daily bombardment of images of beauty “ideals” and messages about what they should look like. The sheer volume of those images, the impossibility of escaping them and the constant cultural pressure for bodily perfection can damage self-esteem.  Low body confidence has become one of the major threats against health and wellbeing.”                                   Minister for Women and Equalities Jo Swinson

ibd warrior inner strength confidence ostomy ileostomy bag

I have developed an education programme aimed at young women aged 11 – 18 aiming to to inspire and uplift them in a non patronising way to develop their self esteem and body image.  This is ideal for schools and youth groups.

I also run a self esteem, body image, confidence and happiness workshop aimed at adults.  Discussing themes from media representation of women to acceptance and love of yourself.

For more information get in touch.


Sam x


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