#MoreThanMeetsTheEye – Campaign for Invisible Disabilities

#MoreThanMeetsTheEye is my way of making a stand for all the people who contacted me and for the millions around the world who live every day with an illness or disability that affects their lives but is unseen by others.

People with an invisible disability don’t want special treatment, but for society to be more aware that they exist, for everyone to think twice before judging, and to be more compassionate and kinder to their fellow human.  More Than Meets The Eye is a way to bring the discussion of Invisible Disabilities into the lives of everyone.  To share real stories and explain how it is to live with an illness or disability that can’t easily be seen.  It is to raise awareness that not every disability requires a wheelchair.

No one expects for the public to know about every single disability and illness but rather than immediately judging someone you see using accessible toilets or disabled parking, stop and remember there is a human being on front of you who may have many different issues that they shouldn’t have to explain to you.

If society understands more then they can be kinder and human kindness makes life easier for the millions of people living with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

I am sharing with you some messages I have received from readers of So Bad Ass. Please join me in sharing your own stories using #MoreThanMeetsTheEye or perhaps you can take a photograph with your invisible disability on a sign?

Search #MoreThanMeetsTheEye on twitter to see how others are sharing their own stories.

This is an issue for millions, so many people are sharing their own stories of being judged, but I genuinely don’t think that all the ones doing the judging are nasty or mean people!  I think they believe they are defending the rights of those who they think are entitled to use accessible toilets or disabled parking spaces.  I have had so many telling me that they have been the person tutting but it is because they see someone seemingly able bodied and think they are helping.

The reality is that there are so many reasons why people need extra support and we all need to be more aware that invisible disabilities exist on so many levels and that judgment just makes lives more difficult.  For many, using an accessible toilet or disabled parking space isn’t a luxury or a privilege, it is a necessity for them to lead their lives.

Please share your own story using the hashtag #MoreThanMeetsTheEye on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and send either your quotes or photographs of you and your invisible disability over to me and I will share them on the blog and my own social media.








8 thoughts on “#MoreThanMeetsTheEye – Campaign for Invisible Disabilities

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  7. Hello! I work at Portland State University and we’re starting an invisible disabilities campaign on campus to draw awareness to the wide range of disabilities and support available. I LOVE “More than Meets the Eye” as a campaign slogan/hashtag and would also love for folks to see all of the wonderful things you’ve posted when they search the hashtag. I wanted to check in with you though to see how this sets with you! It seems like we could do more together than separately but wanted to make sure we’re not stepping on toes.

    Thanks for considering!


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